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We have so many different meals to choose from so your meal prep has variety.

Our Team

Erica Briggs - Owner/Founder

It was Erica's passion for cooking and food that led her on her journey to discovering how to truly eat healthy. After years of what she thought was eating healthy and bouts of stomach issues, Erica found the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She was quickly immersed in the world of healthy cuisine and living. She has gone on to help her clients prepare healthy meals that are organic, gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free. She has helped them see that eating healthy CAN taste good! Erica is now bringing that passion and those recipes to her storefront, ParaVida Wellness. Erica and her team are on a mission to make truly healthy food and lifestyles enjoyable and accessible to everyone!

Nicki Redding - Certified Holistic Nutritionist

With a love for all things holistic, Nicki found herself fully invested in learning about health and wellness. Upon completing her nutrition certification, she joined our team and got right to work helping others understand their body's needs and finding food that works for them. She now uses a bulk of her time meeting with clients one-on-one to discuss dietary needs, allergies, health conditions, goals, food preferences and concerns to help you develop a meal plan that is right for YOU. Not interested in a meal plan but looking for a consult? We can do that, too.