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Lifestyle Makes A Difference!

Overcoming Cancer, Using Spiritual GPS
Navigation Tools for Hope, Happiness and Healing
By Tammy Steele Hartman

Lifestyle Makes a Difference!

It’s been almost six years since my world forever changed with the words no one ever wants to hear “you have cancer!”. In hindsight, I am so very thankful that my health was a top priority decades before I ever dreamed this would be my fate. As a fitness instructor for over 30 years and a former personal trainer, I was the one to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle. Although no one in my family had cancer, which made my diagnosis even more baffling, both of my parents were diabetic and had heart disease. To do what I could to avoid diabetes and heart disease, I was motivated to exercise, eat nutritious foods and live a healthy lifestyle. I was told numerous times by my cancer doctors and staff at MD Anderson that since I was strong and healthy otherwise when diagnosed, that strength would equip me well to fight the tough battle ahead. During my ongoing recovery, it was and will always be especially important to eat healthy, organic foods.  I am so thankful to ParaVida for providing me and our community with many healthy, delicious options. Lifestyle makes a difference. I am living proof of that!   

A Lifeline of Hope: A Book Dedicated to All Who Battle Cancer and To all Who Support Their Fight

On June 30, 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  In shock, I desperately needed wisdom, positivity, and guidance to cope. How could I process and fight this bombshell diagnosis? Hearing stories of past survivors was a lifeline of hope for me. It was my inspiration to share the peaks and valleys of chemotherapy, remission, relapse, stem cell transplant, remission, relapse, and CAR T cell immunotherapy to extend that lifeline to others. Through friends and family’s encouragement and the grace of God, I began writing a book. I began writing in February 2020 and providentially because of Covid 19, I would have nothing but time on my hands for many months!  Once again, in hindsight, I can see how God gave me the perfect timing and environment to see it to completion.

Praise be to God!  “Overcoming Cancer Using Spiritual GPS: Navigation Tools for Hope, Happiness and Healing” was published on Amazon September 30, 2021. The book is dedicated to all who battle cancer and to all who support their fight.   Since the publication of this book on September 30th, 2021, my cancer journey continued with another relapse and subsequent immunotherapy treatment called CAR T cell therapy on January 18th, 2022. At the writing of this update, I’m feeling extremely thankful to be in remission for two years!  Subsequent details of my relapse and treatment are included in the audio version, recorded by the author and now available on the Audible app. To order on both Amazon and Audible, type in Tammy Steele Hartman and/or the title, Overcoming Cancer Using Spiritual GPS.  We all have difficulties to overcome and whether it’s cancer (I pray it is not), or any other challenge, God can get us through dear ones! You are not alone! If I could reach my hand out as we visit, I would grasp yours now and say “Dear One, you have a wise and loving Heavenly Father who cares deeply for you. Your challenges have a purpose greater than yourself and with Jesus as your Savior, you are stronger than you know. You can overcome.”

About the Author

Tammy Hartman is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Cancer Survivor and Bible study teacher.

Tammy’s passion is to learn and to share God’s Word through speaking, teaching and writing. Her goal is to encourage others through the promises in God’s Word to overcome life’s trials and adversity. Through her own health challenges, she continues to claim the Psalm 118:17 which says, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the LORD.” Tammy believes in the power of prayer and sincerely wants all who know her to feel like they matter and are loved. 

Overcoming Cancer Tammy Steele Hartman

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