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We have so many different meals to choose from so your meal prep has variety.

ParaVida Wellness is a healthy eating, drinking and wellness bar that offers...

  • Chef-inspired, nutrition expert approved healthy grab and go meals prepared in our kitchen
  • Always gluten, dairy & processed sugar free
  • Organic functional smoothies
  • Organic cold-pressed juices
  • Infused alkaline waters.
  • Organic fresh kombucha on tap
  • Cold-brewed nitro coffee on tap
  • Bone Broth made in-house
  • Healthy, organic desserts & snacks
  • Come See How Amazing Real Food Tastes While Truly Nourishing Your Body!


    We use almost all organic produce and ingredients. Our meats are all natural, hormone, antiboitic free or organic meats and eggs. We also work with local farms to provide the freshest seasonal produce.


    The pre-packaged healthy meals are ready for you at your convenience for in-store grab & go, 3 or 5-day pre-orders or delivery (coming soon).


    Everything is made fresh daily in our on-site kitchen to ensure the best quality and freshness.


    All meals are gluten, dairy and processed sugar free and are influenced by Paleo, WFPB (Whole Foods Plant Based), and Keto lifestyles. We also offer customized meals for clients.


    Schedule a consult with our Nutritionist

    A consult with a certified Nutritionist to partner with guidance on your health journey.

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    I was absolutely blown away by this dish. I didn't do my research and found that this was a grab an go type place. And this beef and broccoli did not disappoint! Absolutely delicious, flavors were amazing and there was a slight sweet and spicy element to it that went perfectly with the bell peppers and cauliflower rice! Absolutely amazing dish!


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    1405 E Airline Rd Ste A Victoria, TX 77901

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